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Innovative information technology makes transport shipments transparent and above all more efficient. The entire vehicle fleet of the GKS Gerloff freight forwarding company is to this end equipped with the most modern telematics systems. This technology allows the dispatcher to promptly query information with regard to the current position of the vehicles as well as the relevant ETA (estimated time of arrival). This as such saves time, which he can in turn then use for the optimisation of the transport. The dispatcher can moreover also proactively inform our customers with regard to possible transport delays.

The flow of information between the dispatcher and the vehicle occurs primarily in written form. The driver receives all the information that is important for the loading and unloading digitally and this data can then be immediately transferred to the relevant navigation device. The information flow in the opposite direction from the driver into our freight forwarding software takes place at the same time and as such flows into the scheduling of the tour.

Our Vehicle fleet manager uses the telematics systems to check the technical condition of the vehicle units, as well as the driver's driving style. In this way, he is thereby able to provide important information to the colleagues with regard to a resource-efficient driving style. The investment in this technology has enabled us to further optimise our already high level of economic viability.