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The people at the top of a strong team

The GKS Gerloff Spedition GmbH is under the leadership of a management trio comprised of Klaus-Peter Gerloff, Thomas Gerloff and Christian Strümpel. They are responsible for making the decisions in the everyday business operations and by way of their strategic action provide for a forward-looking orientation of the company. They can thereby to one hundred percent rely on a strong team of 290 dedicated employees who make the company what it is - a logistics service provider for the premium class.

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus-Peter Gerloff
… was born in 1960 in Halberstadt. He literally grew up in his parent’s haulage business together with his brother Heinz-Ulrich Gerloff. In 1978, pursuant to having acquired his Baccalaureate (General qualification for university entrance) as well as the completion of his military service obligations, he studied at the University for Traffic Engineering in Gotha. After the completion of his studies, Klaus-Peter Gerloff then worked as a young graduate engineer in the international haulage company Kraftverkehr Halberstadt GmbH and later in the area of "passenger transport" in the neighbouring haulage company in Oschersleben. In 1988, the strong attachment to his parent’s haulage firm however prompted him to join the family business on his brother's side. This has in the course of the following years, in hindsight proved to have been the right decision.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Gerloff

… was born in October 1988. At this time his father Klaus-Peter Gerloff was still active as a driver in the haulage company. It is as such no wonder that Thomas Gerloff spent virtually every free minute of his childhood on the consistently expanding company premises. From 2002 to 2007, he attended the Käthe-Kollwitz High school in Halberstadt and then opted to pursue his studies as a Traffic Engineer at the Dresden Technical University. During the semester breaks, he often sat behind the wheel of a truck and as such became well acquainted with the loading and unloading stations. Pursuant to the successful defence of his degree thesis in 2012, Thomas Gerloff since then works on his father's side.

Christian Strümpel

… saw the light of day in 1979. Although his family had no point of contact with commercial freight transport, he was nevertheless well versed with renowned trade journals in his youth. It is as such hardly surprising that he already started working with the truck workshop of the GKS Gerloff freight forwarding company, on a part time basis, during his school years at the High School in Oschersleben. This is one of the main reasons why Christian Strümpel was permanently hired in 1999, pursuant to having acquired his Baccalaureate (General qualification for university entrance) as well as the successful completion of his apprenticeship as a freight forwarding merchant. He today serves the company in a very important position as Deployment Manager and on account of his experience also provides advice support to the company management.