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A brief review of the history of the company

From a small haulage company to a modern logistics service provider: The GKS Gerloff Spedition GmbH is able to proudly look back at a company history of more than 60 years. And you benefit from it - because we combine our experience with the innovations of tomorrow. The result is a comprehensive package that leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Let us convince you.

1951: The spouses Brigitte and Heinz Gerloff establish the haulage company „Heinz Gerloff“.

1971: The company acquires a new IFA W 50 from the commercial vehicle plant Ludwigsfelde

1989: The haulage company is expanded to include four vehicles and five employees. Throughout the communist era Heinz Gerloff works together with his employees for the VEB (Nationally-owned enterprise) haulage transport agency in Halberstadt as a partner on a provision basis.

1990: A partnership is concluded with the Keunecke freight forwarding company based in Peine. The partnership thereby leads to the establishment of the GKS Gerloff Spedition GmbH with headquarters in Schwanebeck.

1991: The company experiences a steady expansion phase: It is thereby already possible to place 12 semi-trailers and 18 employees at the disposal of the customers.

1992: The company evolves to become a dispatch and customs freight forwarder for renowned manufactures in Saxony-Anhalt.

1994: The partnership with the forwarding Keunecke is dissolved. The brothers Heinz-Ulrich and Klaus-Peter Gerloff acquire the shares of the company.

1995: Heinz-Ulrich Gerloff and Klaus-Peter Gerloff establish together with the brothers Krage, who are based in Hannover, the Krage & Logistik GmbH as a FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truck Load) freight forwarder, out of the insolvent haulage Halberstadt. The company since then constitutes an important component in the IDS (Syndicate of German Freight Forwarders)-general cargo system. On account of the nature of ownership and the very close cooperation, the GKS Gerloff Spedition GmbH and the Krage & Gerloff Logistik GmbH with headquarters in Schwanebeck constitute a corporate group that takes care of all logistics services.

1998: The course for the future is set, pursuant to the construction of a modern office building as well as a hall for the truck workshop company LKW-Werkstatt Schwanebeck GmbH that is likewise also a constituent part of the corporate group.

Seit 2000: The GKS Gerloff Spedition GmbH is significantly expanding the own vehicle fleet of the company. Since individual customer preferences have hereby also to be taken into account, there is an increasing tendency towards a specialisation, as a glimpse at the vehicle technology shows:


   1. Mega-trailers
   2. Lightweight design trailers
   3. Coil trough trucks
   4. Beverages certified trailers
   5. High-Cube-swap body systems

The depot has been expanded to take account of the continuously increasing number of vehicles. An investment has moreover also been made in innovative telematics systems, in order to warranty transport service at the highest possible quality level.