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Facts, data and figures

Company name and legal form: GKS Gerloff Spedition GmbH
Established: May 1951
Shareholders: Heinz-Ulrich Gerloff,
Klaus-Peter Gerloff,
Thomas Gerloff,
Sebastian Gerloff,
Stefan Gerloff
Number of vehicles: 172 Semi-trailers and articulated trucks
(266 vehicles in the entire corporate group)
Number of employees: 290
(550 permanent employees in the entire corporate group)
Turnover per year: Approx. 27,5 million Euro
(Approx. 52,5 million Euro in the entire corporate group)
Load kilometres per year: Approx. 20 million kilometres
Tonnage per year: Approx. 1.000.000 tons
 Particularities: Twelve trained automotive locksmiths as well as three workshop foremen in the truck workshop in Schwanebeck provide for the proper maintenance of the vehicles. The facility includes in addition to the workshop building with a total of six entrances, also a truck wash bay as well as a proprietary filling station. This equipment serves to ensure the efficiency of the vehicle fleet as well as to pursue environmental goals.