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The equipment of the vehicles has a decisive impact on the quality of the workplace of our crew. The vehicle equipment as such has a direct influence on the satisfaction of our employees and the quality of their work. Whoever strives to cut back on investment costs in this regard, is without question saving in the wrong place.

In order to create a comfortable atmosphere, our vehicles are always provided with large long-haul cabs. In addition to the standard equipment, consisting of air conditioning, heater, automatic transmission, car phone and citizens band (CB) radio communication, our vehicles are also equipped with satellite-based navigation devices as well as stationary air conditioners. 
On account of the fact that we take the safety of our colleagues on the road to heart; all modern safety-relevant components such as attention and lane departure warning devices as well as radar-guided distance meters are installed in many of the vehicles. In addition, the use of modern and wear-free continuous brake systems is in each case deployed as a vehicle standard.

In order to be able to guarantee our customers the highest level of technical reliability, the average age of our vehicle fleet is less than two years. This policy also ensures efficient fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.